Every day at camp is a little different from the day before with team leaders keeping the day flowing with a host of planned activities carefully scheduled to ensure a balance of physical, mental and creative challenges are reflected.

Morning yoga with Meg against the wonderful backdrop of the mountains is a super way for the teens to kick start their day. At various stages of the week the teams will also be brought together to listen to an invited guest or participate in an interactive workshop that focuses on key life skills.

Conscious of so much planned activity through the week, team leaders will ensure time is allowed for participants to chill on their own or to hang out with their new buddies.

  • Enjoy an immersive week of physical and mental challenges that focus on personal development and build confidence from the inside and out.
  • Campers will engage in an exciting and unique program that incorporates a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and learn valuable skills from survival and team building to leadership, planning, and communication.
  • All these adventurous activities will take place on the grounds of St. Columba’s College at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, with extensive indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, beautiful forestry, fields and streams.
  • At Inside Out we believe that a strong sense of self should be at the core of all learnings. When a teen has confidence, really understands and accepts who they are, they are more likely to want to experience new things, think outside the box, and ultimately go for the things they want in life.
  • Inside Out’s key focus is about helping young people to grow as individuals by creating a balanced environment that delivers essential life learnings through fun and creative activities.


John Murray Headshots

John Murray is Ireland’s leading headshot photographer, with a passion for drawing out the personalities and inner strengths of each person he photographs, giving a sense of who they are to anyone looking on. John will spend time talking to the campers about self-awareness and learning how to close the gap between how we think we look and what we think the rest of the world expects us to look like and the gap between who we feel we are as opposed to who we believe the rest of the world expects us to be.

Free Range Outdoor Education

Empowering young people by guiding them to embrace nature while exploring the Dublin Mountains is the core mission of Free Range Outdoor Education. Created by Ross Wareham, this initiative aims to teach people how to be comfortable and safe in a natural environment. Bushcraft covers four main aspects: fire, shelter, water and food. Campers will get the chance to enhance their skill set and knowledge with Ross teaching how to forage for food, build a fire and learn how to use a variety of tools amongst other things, all in a safe environment.


Fundamentals was created by David Collins to engage primary and secondary school students in workshops focusing on personal development, leadership, team development and goal setting. These workshops encourage campers to collaborate, while participating in group and individual activities.

Jabba Jabba Jembe

David Day, founder of Jabba Jabba Jembe hosts amazing, interactive drumming workshops for Inside Out Camp. Campers will learn all about African and world drumming, getting the chance to try out the musical instruments for themselves, working individually, then coming together as a team to make creative music.

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Enjoy an immersive week of physical and mental challenges that focus on personal development and build confidence from the inside and out.


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